Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be some changes to the way we are able to take care of you and your hair during your service, as hairstylists cannot do your hair while maintaining distance.

If you are feeling ANY symptoms at all, or you've had any contact with anyone with Covid-19, please call to cancel your hair appointment.

Please read the following carefully so we avoid confusion during your visit to space:


  • we ask all clients to arrive for their appointments on time and no sooner, as our waiting area will be closed at this time.

  • please wear a disposable mask that loops behind the ears rather than ties in the back. if you do not have one, we can provide a mask. we require everyone to wear a mask in the salon at all times.

  • clients will have their temperature taken and then disinfect/wash their hands on arrival.

  • clients will sign a service agreement stating they don't have any symptoms and haven't come in contact with anyone with covid-19 in the last 30 days.

  • we welcome clients who are receiving services and will not be able to allow additional guests such as children, friends, or partners. If a child is unable to receive their own service without accompaniment, we will be unable to welcome them in for service at this time.

  • no food or beverages in the salon, as masks must be worn at all times in the salon. if you will be in for a longer service, we suggest you eat or drink before entering the salon.

  • no pets in the salon at this time please. 

  • unfortunately we are not able to offer any complimentary "clean-ups" or fringe trims at this time.

  • as we will not be getting clients to undress before their service, we suggest you wear a low-collared shirt. by having a service at space. we can't be held responsible for damaged clothing.

  • please travel light if possible. we will be placing your personal items in a bag or bin at the station.

  • we reserve the right to cancel an appointment or refuse service for any reason. please don't put us in the awkward position we have to refuse your service.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. We know this could read as negative, and that's not our intention. We just want to be able to take care of all our clients safely, and then be able to go home to our families with as little concerns as possible.

SPACE SALON doesn't charge by gender. We charge by length of hair and time needed for styling. Short hair tends to be less expensive than long thick hair. Consultations are always complimentary if you'd like an exact quote.

YOU start your space experience with a conversation, where your designer determines what you love about your hair and how you wish to improve it. Please do bring us pictures if you have some specific ideas.  After agreeing on the direction to take your new look, you start your chosen SPACE service. 


Space Salon is proud to be a member in Green Circle Salons. Each service has a $3 added charge to recycle your hair, foils, colour tubes and other things no other recycler will handle. Thank you for helping us to make salon services less impactful on our environment.

Space Salon Short Haircut


We understand that it's not what we cut, it's what we leave.
All our stylists have been trained in our system of hair cutting, which is rooted in classic technique but updated for today's clients' needs.

Cutting services at Space Salon range from $40 to $250 depending on location and the level of the stylist.
a higher price may not always indicate better skill. levels are based on experience, repeat clients, and demand.

The lower range offers services with a less experienced stylist, and while we promise you great results, it may take longer, and may even require a more experienced stylist to mentor and help out if needed.
If you are not comfortable with a longer service or want someone with years of experience, please choose your stylist level accordingly.

Space, Vancouver's Top Blonding Salon


Our stylists are true blonding experts and we pride ourselves in getting you as light as you can imagine while keeping your hair as healthy as possible.

From caramel to icy, we can take you there.

Highlights/ Balayage from $180- $350

Bleach-Outs from $100 (per application)
please understand that the broad price range reflects the individual issues that may come up with lightening services, including hair density. And these prices do not necessarily include toners, and do not include Olaplex, which are often crucial to achieving your desired result.
If you would like a specific price in advance, please enjoy a complimentary consultation at your convenience.

Space Salon Pulp Riot Vancouver


If you can imagine it, we can do it.
Our stylists are award-winning artists and international educators for Pulp Riot and Faction8. From subtle and understated to head-turning vivid melts, we are true experts in hair colour.

Roots from $90

Roots to Ends (deposit only) $150- $200
please understand that lightening hair is usually a very different process than what we call "colour." These prices are for depositing colour rather than lightening hair.
the broad price range reflects the individual issues that may come up with colour services, including hair density.

If you would like a specific price in advance, please enjoy a complimentary consultation at your convenience.