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Our goal isn't just to be the best hair salon in Vancouver.
It's to take care of you so well that you think we are the best salon in Vancouver and wouldn't dream of letting anyone else touch your hair.

statik the salon inc. currently operates space salon, caramel salon, and the vancouver hairdressing academy

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the vault: a zone designed to allow you to stretch out and relax while your colour process. Or you're welcome to just have a seat and chill any time.

At one point Space was a bank and when we saw that the vault was still there, we knew that we would make it a part of our client experience. We had to bring in a coring specialist to cut a 18 inch hole through the concrete to install a ventilation system, as a vault has never been meant to have people hanging out in it.

2 wall-mounted hood dryers, 2 comfortable sofas, and magazines galore, the Vault is always a highlight of a visit to Space.