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Our goal isn't just to be the best hair salon in Vancouver.
It's to take care of you so well that you think we are the best salon in Vancouver and wouldn't dream of letting anyone else touch your hair.

statik the salon inc. currently operates space salon, caramel salon, and the vancouver hairdressing academy

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shampoo space: a zone designed to give you total relaxation while we cleanse and nourish your hair and scalp.

We have two rules in our shampoo room; no talking allowed, and you will feel pampered.

For years, our guests have been telling us that our shampoos are the highlight of their week. When we designed our shampoo space, we knew it was time to honour that sentiment. You will be led to a dark room at the back of the salon with 5 shampoo beds and relaxing music playing. Our beds will have you lying nearly horizontally and our basins have an ingenious built-in headrest and foot rest, so there is never pressure on your neck.

You will be lathered deeply with a shampoo selected to suit your hairtype. Once your cleanser is rinsed, your scalp will be slowly massaged as your hair is conditioned. After being rinsed, you will likely have mixed emotions; sad it's over but feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.